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Independent, Impartial, Objective

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The TAMRIS Consultancy has been developing investor education and risk assessment processes and procedures for 14 years.

These processes and procedures have been applied in practise and have been developed in response to the interaction of investor needs, their asset allocation, market movements and performance risks of different investment styles.

Its risk profiling expertise is not something it has purchased off the shelf, nor is it something it has developed just to satisfy compliance requirements.

TAMRIS education and risk profiling techniques have been specifically designed to assess individual’s attitudes towards all factors affecting the structure, planning and management of the portfolio to meet short and long term financial objectives.

Standard industry risk assessments are vague, confusing and in the main only assess the investor’s attitudes towards the up and down movements of investments. They often require the investor to make judgements regarding portfolio structure, which really can only be made after a complex analysis of the relationship between their needs and their investments . They also do not assess many of the important risks that will affect portfolio performance and their financial security over time.

TAMRIS provides the only educational program that allows investors to understand the relationship between their financial needs and portfolio structure in simple terms. It is also the only program that provides investors with an explanation of the investment universe and why it is important that they and their advisor can pinpoint where they are in this universe.

One word of warning

After completing the investor education process many individuals may find gaps in the services and knowledge of their financial advisors.

One of the major problems with the financial services industry is that most of the techniques used to deliver wealth management products and services do not have a direct relationship with the client’s financial needs. In fact, there is currently no universally accepted approach for constructing, planning and managing portfolios to manage assets and liabilities over time. This weakness is reflected in the education, risk assessment and service process of the financial services industry.