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"TAMRIS" - Setting standards

Independent, Impartial, Objective

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The TAMRIS education process does not teach the individual how to manage their own money, how to identify investment opportunities, how to select a mutual fund etc, etc. Its objective is to provide the investor with the following.

  • A firm grounding in the basics that need to be understood before an investor can properly assess their attitude to the risks of different investments and, the allocation of these investments to meet and protect their needs and return objectives over time.

  • A guide to defining the type of investor he or she is. Many investors when they state that they are conservative are actually saying they do not want all their money invested in the stock market because of their need for financial security. In fact, a portfolio structured around financial needs should have enough allocation to provide this security. In reality an investor might actually be a realistic and not a conservative investor.

  • Investors who want to receive above average returns rarely understand the risks and realities involved. Strategies aiming to out perform over the long term are at times virtually guaranteed to under perform over the short term. Understanding the real risks and returns of different investment styles allows an individual to judge what type of investor they are.

  • Help the investor make better decisions in selecting their advisors and in communication their needs and preferences.

  • Help the investor lay down a framework in which wealth managers will need to operate, report on and manage their needs.

  • Dispel a number of important investment myths, critical to identifying those who can and those who cannot manage wealth.