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Independent, Impartial, Objective


TAMRIS is Independent, Impartial and Objective

Independence means freedom from control or influence and impartiality means showing lack of favouritism.

  • TAMRIS does not become your financial advisor; it does not provide wealth management services of solutions; it does not give personal direction and only operates where there is either an existing or a prospective advisor relationship.

  • TAMRIS operates as an independent medium between the consumer of wealth management services and the financial services industry.  

  • TAMRIS neither manage assets nor does it recommend,r endorse or provide an opinion on the buying and selling of products and securities.

  • TAMRIS is independent of the interests of the financial services industry; it is not controlled by a financial services company and does not depend on the financial services industry for its revenue.

Independence and impartiality allows TAMRIS to be objective in its assessment of the quality of service the private investor receives. Text Box:  

But objective means much more than mere independence and impartiality.

All TAMRISís analysis and views are based on objective and measurable structures and relationships considered necessary for the management of assets and financial needs over time.

While much of investment appears to be subjective, the better managers and planners rely on extensive structures and disciplines to provide objectivity to the process. Indeed, without structure and discipline the portfolio management process is a subjective process incapable of managing return or risk. Companies that operate subjectively tend to have to react to events as opposed to being prepared for them.

TAMRISís objectivity is its assessment of the structures and frameworks within organisations that are critical to constructing, planning and managing portfolios and, of relating the financial needs and risk aversions of investors to the advisorís portfolio structures and strategies.

Asset and wealth management requires discipline and structure.

Companies should be able to define the relationship between their disciplines and structures and the clientís attitudes to risks and needs over time. Without the ability to justify and define their disciplines, structures and recommendations, there can be no measurable objectivity.

TAMRIS is truly "Independent, Impartial and Objective", because that is the way we think, not the way we are told to think and, not the way we think the market place would like us to think.