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The monitoring service reinforces the reviewanalysis and/or the wealth and asset management mandate, ensuring that your wealth managers continue to operate within your mandate and execute the proper duty of care and professionalism towards the management of your money.

The monitoring service reviews all the key wealth and asset management components that are and should be delivered by your advisor, including education and reporting standards.

  • Performance

  • Asset and liability modelling and management

  • Risk assessment and risk profiling

  • Fees and charges

  • Wealth Management Integration

  • Client communication of strategy, continuing education and sales communication.

This service helps you the client to understand what is happening and to ensure that all actions are justified and communicated appropriately.

How it worksText Box:  

TAMRIS provides three service levels for its monitoring service. 

  1. The first is the annual where all wealth and asset management correspondence will be reviewed annually and a report prepared on how the manager has complied with living up to service standards for each of the above components.

  2. The second is the fundamental where TAMRIS will review reports and correspondence at six monthly intervals and report to you at six monthly intervals.

  3. The third level is the comprehensive service where your wealth and asset managers services are reviewed quarterly and reported on quarterly.

Monitoring & Investment Planning

The TAMRIS Monitoring service can also be combined with the TAMRIS investment planning review service to provide a fully comprehensive monitoring service for the individual investor.

There will be instances where the advisor does not have the expertise to carry out the necessary asset and liability modelling to effectively plan and manage the portfolio.  In this case the TAMRIS Investment Planning Service will provide the necessary information to your manager to allow him or her to continue to structure, plan and manage the portfolio effectively.