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The TAMRIS “Initial Opinion” is an entry level service for the private investor. It provides an introductory review of the client’s wealth management arrangements, proposals or reports and assesses the primary structure in which their assets and needs are being managed.

It will give an opinion as to the type of service they are getting and whether it meets the TAMRIS criteria in the key areas. 

For many investors this may be as far as they need to go.

For others, the structural problems evident in their wealth and asset management position may warrant further analysis and monitoring.

If the client wants to review their arrangements in greater depth the “Structural Assessment”, “Structural Mandate”, and “Monitoring” services may be an appropriate next step.

Detailed work will not generally be undertaken without an initial opinion. 

The opinion will also detail those areas most in need of work or further analysis and will provide the basis on which further work will be charged, but it will not provide the analysis that investors will need to deal with problems within their wealth management arrangements.  In this sense it is not a "second opinion" as such.

Initial opinions can be provided for a wide range of objectives ranging from simple proposals to complex, integrated wealth management solutions.  Text Box:  

An opinion is not a detailed analysis and does not provide a structured solution. 

A detailed analysis is provided by TAMRIS's structural assessment services.   

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