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TAMRIS is a Total Asset Management Research & Investment Services consultancy dedicated towards improving the structure and quality of asset management within the global financial services industry.

From the Summer of 2005 to the Summer of 2010 Andrew Teasdale and his TAMRIS Consultancy focussed on investor protection issues in the Canadian retail financial services market place, product research and analysis of global financial and economic issues impacting investors. 

The site now represents a repository for educational content that was developed for the site and research produced over that period.   Additional relevant research or commentary may be added over time, but a specific focus on consumer issues is no longer a predominant focus.  As of September 2010, the last piece of significant research was on Point of Sale Disclosure and Regulatory Failure in Canada's retail financial services market place.

The site is currently broken down into 2 main segments:

  •      One provides access to educational content that was previously held on Moneymanagedproperly

  •      Another provides access to research material and other commentary.    

We continue to live in very difficult times for investors: we are still in the process of unwinding from a long period of credit and debt expansion in which significant structural economic imbalances developed.  Interest rates globally remain at negligible levels; private and public debt are at very high levels and many economies need significant rebalancing.  

While the long term prospects (10 to 15 years +) for global economic growth look positive, the short term readjustment needed for economies to shake out their excesses and for developing economies to take their place within the economic order suggests risks remain very high.  

Returns on cash are negligible and bond yields are very low while short to medium term risk to returns on equities remains high.  Unlike recoveries from recessions, recoveries from financial and economic structural imbalances not only take longer but are much more uncertain, since we do not know at which point economic activity is going to gain real traction.

It is therefore ever more important that investors focus on advisors that have a fiduciary type responsibility to their clients, that provide a detailed analysis of performance, that communicate strategy and suitability in writing, that pay attention to management and transaction costs, that avoid complex and costly products, and that have appropriate expertise and experience.