INVESTOR Education Series


Documents on what TAMRIS considers to be service benchmarks for the delivery of total asset life cycle wealth management, which includes retirement income planning, are covered in the Money Managed Properly Series.

Investor Education Series (Summer 2005 - transferred to PDF July 2009)

Investment Basics
Common Investment Objectives
Costs and Value for Money
Risk Assessment
Management of Total Assets and Total Financial Needs
The Portfolio Problem
The Fundamental Nature of Asset Risk and Return
Performance Risk and the Investment Universe
Three Investment Risks
Long term capital depletion
Just how much expertise is enough expertise?
Investment Discipline
Asset Allocation
Conflict of Interest
Total Asset Life Cycle Wealth Management


Money Managed Properly benchmarks (Summer 2005)

What Your Wealth Manager Should be doing
Communication and reporting
Expertise Needed
3 Process Components
Key Questions



"TAMRIS" - Setting standards

Independent, Impartial, Objective