"TAMRIS" - Setting standards

Independent, Impartial, Objective


Only Consultancy at Private Client Level

Most financial consultancies operate at the corporate level, advising companies how to develop software, what funds to buy, how to asset allocate and how to develop new products etc.

It is much more difficult to advise companies to do the job properly and put their clients’ interests first.  Quite often a consultancy will have to aid the self interests of its client companies than the interests of the ultimate investors.

TAMRIS is the only "Total Asset Management Research" consultancy operating at the private client level and one of the few consultancies with the advanced investment planning expertise needed to police standards and give investors the support and leverage they need in the market place.

TAMRIS is not operating as a financial advisor, an investment advisor, a portfolio manager, an insurance salesman or any other job specification in the industry. 

TAMRIS is dedicated to improving the structure and quality of asset and wealth management for the private investor.


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