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"TAMRIS" - Setting standards

Independent, Impartial, Objective




This site has a number of objectives.

  • To force debate within the financial services industry over key wealth management issues and to foster greater competition in service and service standards.

  • To provide an impartial, informed, independent, objective source of education for the individual investor over issues for which there is no current medium.

  • To inform individuals, professionals and companies about TAMRIS's services, expertise and views and to provide them with the information needed to make an independent and informed decision on what their next step should be.

  • To set higher, achievable standards for the industry both within Canada and the rest of the world.

The website is not intended to provide all the information and expertise needed for the individual investor to become an expert in assessing their own advisors - this area is complex for those without the back ground and training -.although there is sufficient detail in the site for many to challenge their advisors on key issues and to spend some time addressing the quality of their advice.

While the regulatory comments focus specifically on the Ontario regulatory environment, the core issues are global issues affecting the physical properties of portfolio construction, planning and management.

The site is not intended to be a quick read with glib promises intended to coerce, sway or easily convince the individual investor about why they need TAMRIS.

TAMRIS only wants individuals, professionals and companies who have clear issues and concerns and are looking for firm, independent, impartial and objective opinions.

The site is divided into five core areas.

  • Is Your Money Being Managed Properly looks at what your manager should be doing and the expertise and resources needed to do the job properly. It also looks at the wealth management service process and the importance of communication.

  • Education looks at the key issues affecting the management of an individuals financial assets to meet financial needs over time. It addresses the main problems facing the financial services industry (in particular in Ontario) and explains the most important facts that investors need to be aware of when making financial decisions. Costs and value for money are also addressed as is risk assessment and investment discipline.

  • Rights & Abuse looks at the realities of the regulatory environment as it relates to the management of individual financial assets and needs. It also looks at financial abuse and some key "at risk groups".

  • The TAMRIS section of the website explains the TAMRIS rationale, TAMRIS expertise and TAMRIS services. As much information as possible is provided so that you the individual can make an informed decision, clarify your objectives and concerns as well as to be prepared with questions and concerns if you decide to use TAMRIS.

  • The TAMRIS building blocks provides information on the TAMRIS education series and is designed for educating groups of individuals.

Importantly, the site is also designed to provide more detailed information for those who want to dig deeper. The deeper you go, the more complex the issues you will face. Investors who do not want to go into this detail should stop at the primary levels of the site.

Finally, the site is detailed for another very important reason. You cannot criticise the industry for lack of structure and, you cannot put yourself out as an arbiter of advice and value without being able to fully and comprehensively back up your position.

In short, TAMRIS practices what it preaches!

You can rest assured that the TAMRIS professional approach will be applied to its analysis of your financial position and the solutions to the problems it finds.