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Small Investors Protection Assn.

Regarding SIPA

The Small Investor Protection Association (SIPA) is a Canadian volunteer member organisation committed to fair practice in the investment industry.

For more information please click on the following link to the SIPA.ca website.


"TAMRIS" - Setting standards

Independent, Impartial, Objective


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TAMRIS is dedicated towards promoting an individual’s basic investment rights.

  • The right to have their assets managed to meet their own personal financial needs over time and, for their individual portfolios to reflect the size and timing of their own individual needs.

  • The right to be told the imitations of the service they receive and the extent of personalisation provided.

  • The right to a portfolio structure capable of ensuring that planned financial needs can be met irrespective of natural and significant market and economic risks.

  • The right to the expertise and systems needed to structure plan and manage portfolios to meet personal financial needs over time.

  • The right to full disclosure of a company’s investment style and the risks of that investment style.

  • The right to an assessment of the key risks likely to affect the ability of their assets to meet their financial needs over time.

  • The right to full disclosure of the portfolio construction, planning and management methodology and how this methodology manages risk and financial needs over time.

  • The right to full disclosure of all charges and costs and the justification of those costs.

  • The right to accountability of decisions regarding portfolio structure, planning and management relative to financial needs and risk profile via full and regular written communication.

  • The right to regular and comprehensive assessment of the value added by the wealth manager.

  • The right to be able to compare companies’ and individuals’ services and service quality across the universe of wealth and asset managers.

  • The right to have access to information regarding the structure of the asset and wealth management service process and, the resources applied to research, investment strategy and systems.

  • The right to demand that the quality and value of the service they receive is a prime objective of their service providers.
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