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"TAMRIS" - Setting standards

Independent, Impartial, Objective

Initial Investment Planning & Asset Management Report

An investment policy statement is not considered sufficient to satisfy the requirements of the initial investment planning report, the most important prerequisites of which are noted below.

  • This should clearly state objectives, financial needs and existing assets.

  • It should provide analysis of the ability of assets to meet financial needs over your lifetime (s), identify problems and provide meaningful analysis of objective alternatives.

  • This lifetime analysis should be capable of providing an integrated assessment of all factors affecting wealth and asset management; estate planning, insurance and pensions planning.

  • It should clearly assess the current portfolio allocation and structure and state reasons for both the recommended portfolio allocation and changes needed to initiate recommendations.

  • It should explain how the portfolio will be managed over time, the objectives of each investment allocation and how it relates to your financial needs and risk preferences.

  • It should clearly state the risk and return profile of portfolio and what you the investor (s) should expect in terms of its performance profile over time.

  • It should provide style, risk/return and allocation information on each individual investment and a rationale for their inclusion.

  • It should provide both a detailed and a simple explanation of strategy and risks in the market and the economy.

  • Assumptions underlying all financial modelling should also be provided with an explanation.Text Box: