"TAMRIS" - Setting standards

Independent, Impartial, Objective

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TAMRIS gives a series of short talks on key subjects. The range of subjects is listed below with their primary subject area. These talks are not intended to provide direction and context, but are intended to give a simple summary of complex areas.

Primary - Total Asset, Life Cycle, Wealth Management

  • Total Asset Management

  • Wealth forecasting.

  • Investment planning

  • Investment discipline

  • The nature of cash, fixed interest and equities.

  • Investment discipline, what is it?

  • Value versus growth investment styles

  • Investor preferences and their affect on return

  • Index funds versus active management

  • What is asset allocation?

  • Overseas investment

  • Direct equities versus mutual funds

  • Efficient Portfolios

  • The importance of valuation

  • Asset and wealth management costs

  • Risk assessment and profiling

  • The three types of risk

  • Liability risk and portfolio structure.

  • Performance risk and asset allocation.

  • Initial investment risk, investment timing and the realities of long term investment return.

  • The investment universe, the investor and the asset manager

  • Volatility.

  • Weaknesses of standard risk assessment.