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TAMRIS is a leader in the development of solutions for the integration of the management of assets and the management of financial needs over time.

This is a complex area and one which requires knowledge and expertise of the overall wealth and asset management process as well as detailed structural knowledge of the portfolio construction, planning and management process.

It is worth noting that there is currently no universally accepted methodology or process for the construction, planning and management of an individual’s investment assets relative to the size and timing of their personal financial needs over time.  

Modern portfolio theory does not have an input for financial needs in the equations that construct the portfolio and, traditional portfolio management is only capable of managing limited time horizons.  Likewise, conventional asset and liability modelling and wealth forecasting are unable to model the relationship between financial needs and portfolio structure both at a point in time and over time.

If there is no direct relationship between the size and timing of an investor’s financial outgoings (income and capital expenditure) and financial incomings, it is impossible to efficiently construct, plan or manage a portfolio to meet financial needs while managing risk and return.  

TAMRIS has been researching and developing solutions for the integration of the management of assets and financial needs since 1988.  Little work in this area has actually been conducted by the mainstream financial services industry. 

While  this does not mean that developing solutions to the delivery of asset management has not been an area of focus and interest, the direction and objective of research has been more product and transaction led. 

Development has also been hampered by the division of responsibilities within the financial services industry and the grey area that lies between financial planning and asset management; the industry is divided between the management of assets and the management of financial needs.

Asset managers in general have failed to acknowledge the need for the integration of the management of assets and financial needs and financial planners, in general, have failed to appreciate the need for investment expertise and resources to run asset management services.

Most of this work in this field to date has been focussed on the institutional side, in particular pension fund management.  Unfortunately the needs of a pension fund are different from the needs of an individual.

For further information please see the section on Education, in particular the basics.  Additionally, please see the Technical section on Asset and Liability Modelling for a more detailed analysis of the problems and the solutions. 


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