"TAMRIS" - Setting standards

Independent, Impartial, Objective


TAMRIS does not earn a return from buying or selling investments, or advising on the buying or selling of investments.

TAMRIS does not manage your money nor does it want to manage your money. It earns its returns from ensuring that your money is being managed properly.

Importantly it does not endorse the recommendation of individual investments either. As a result it is independent of the conflicts of interest affecting the financial services industry.

TAMRIS does not tell you what you should be investing in, it does not tell you when to buy or sell, these are the responsibilities of your wealth and asset manager (s).

TAMRIS makes sure that those managing your wealth are doing the job properly, have the resources, expertise, systems and processes and are adding value.Text Box:  

Because its objective is to improve the service your wealth and asset managers provide and to make them more accountable to you, TAMRIS adds value.

TAMRIS has no incentive to sell meaningless products or to spend hours on the mundane and the unimportant.  TAMRIS's only objective is to add value and identify where value to the investor can be improved.