Boomers to play it safe, but not too safe.

They're going to seek investments that boost income as well as security

Jonathan Chevreau National Post

Excerpt from article

................"Toronto Financial Consultant Andrew Teasdale doesn't believe the realities of retirement are any different today than they were in the past.

There's more to it than just reaching for higher yield, he says.  Putting too much stress on immediate dividend and interest income may sacrifice future consumption for present consumption he cautions,

He's also sceptical about one size fits all retirement solutions such as the new BMO funds.  He recommends investors work with their financial advisors and run risk models that assess the ability of their assets to meet their specific future needs.

In practice, most retirees will not only require more income from their portfolios, but will need to consume some capital, Teasdale says.  Certainty of capital and income comes only from proper portfolio construction............"

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