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"TAMRIS" - Setting standards

Independent, Impartial, Objective

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The private investor needs to understand that the financial services’ industry is not as cost effective nor is it as efficient as it should and could be.

Investors need to know how much they are being charged and whether their advisors are adding value.

If there is no central structure for the management of your financial needs and your assets, it is possible that you may be receiving inappropriate and costly wealth management advice. It is certainly impossible to be cost effective without this.

  • Investing in equities and fixed interest investments without regard to the size and timing of financial needs can cost substantially more than the additional planning costs of an integrated strategy.

  • Managing assets without regard to future needs can also have significant financial repercussions.

  • Conducting estate planning and insurance and overall financial planning without regard to the client’s future asset liability relationship can incur significant additional costs.

In fact, you may even have low charges on your assets and good performance, but inappropriate structure will cost you.

Likewise, if your manager is not paying attention to the risks investments pose to the ability of assets to meet needs over time, this may also cost you.

But how do you assess how much you should be charged and, what value benchmarks should you be looking at?

All your advice should add value!

If the consequences of the advice you are receiving is costing you, then you must seriously question the advice you are receiving.Text Box: